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About the Founder Krista Doyle

Artist, Illustrator & Hand Letterer
Krista Doyle is the founder and lead designer of Laurel Gate LLC. A graduate of Missouri Western State University, she embarked on her entrepreneurial journey in 2018 as an artist, illustrator, and hand-letterer. Krista’s whimsical style along with her passion for florals and faces, helps to infuse meaningful messages of joy and hope into her art. Krista’s journey has taken her from her hometown in Gower, Missouri to live in the vibrant cities of Tulsa, OK, Colorado Springs, CO, and now back to St. Joseph. Krista enjoys traveling with her husband, Tim, to foreign countries such as the Dominican Republic, West Africa, Ireland, Northern Ireland, and Finland. These experiences have shaped her artistic vision and helped fuel her passion for creativity. In developing her craft she has been mentored by various artistic and entrepreneurial leaders including a leading art agent in New York City as well as industry and business leaders throughout the US. For the past 10 plus years she has lent her creative touch in set design to the Restoration Project in downtown St. Joseph - capturing the history and charm of our legendary city.

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